“It’s extraordinay how powerful an unexpected video can be. Watching what others see when they look at us!!My personal experience took place a couple of years ago : I saw myself so different and so much worse than I realised . As a 62 year old woman I believed I was younger and prettier but the shock was that I didnt look like that!

I felt so bad that I started to think , who might help me change that image of me. I saw my wrinkles and sagging round my neck but had never thought of surgery nor botox or any artificial intervention. I just wanted another image with more natural effects. So I went to Florencia Bibas, who I had met at a Beauty Seminar.
It a was a unique , extensive session, very easy to understand and still with an utterly professional mode.
On such occasion Florencia chose for me a load of tips which completely changed my looks.”
Silvia Heger